What is Tantra?


Tantra is a way of life.

"Strictly speaking tantra is not a religion because it has no rituals, priests or scriptures. Tantra is an individual path, a personal discovery of reality. It is deeply rebellious, it does not rely on the community but on the individual. Tantra believes in YOU, it is liberation - from every theory, from every thought structure, from every structure, from others. Tantra is an area of being. It is freedom. ”



  • is perceptive, respectful, loving and selfless
  • is unconditional acceptance of what is
  • has no value judgment, but accepts things as they are
  • is self-love, self-confidence, self-awareness, self-respect
  • is conscious liberation from conventions
  • is joie de vivre, zest for life and energy of life
  • is a path to healing, transformation and self-love
  • includes everything and does not exclude anything
  • does not prescribe anything and everyone has the freedom to find and live their personal life path
  • leads to freedom, independence and sexual fulfillment
  • is connected with yourself, with other people, with all living things, with the earth and the cosmos. The big picture

The roots of tantra and spirituality

One of the currents of tantra comes from Sanskrit and means "expansion". Tantra is a very old spiritual path, the roots of which go back to the beginning of Hinduism 4000 years ago. It unites different methods and techniques, meditations and teachings.

Tantra is a holistic and spiritual path of experience ...

... and like many other spiritual paths, tantra has the goal of reaching a higher level of consciousness, becoming one with yourself and the whole, the goal of enlightenment and the transition to nirvana - the heavenly happiness.

The main difference from other spiritual teachings and ways is the awakening and control of sexual energy. The unity of body, soul and spirit found its clearest and most honest expression in Tantra. In this way, tantra became the only spiritual path in which the greatest taboo, sexuality and sexual energy was consciously involved.


Tantra has been reborn in the West since the 1970's and has since been passed on and developed as a neo-tantra. This is how many tantra currents originated, which are more or less firmly rooted in the tradition of the ancient Indian tantra.

The orientation of the individual movements strongly depends on the personality and education of the respective tantra teacher. What the different currents offer varies from sensual massage to powerful bodywork, from sexual therapy to a spiritually oriented path and from theoretical readings to practical experience in the tantric ritual.

One of the reasons why tantra has survived and is current is the great knowledge of human psychology. Current tantra movements also like to use the knowledge of modern body therapy.

Teaching tantra has become a real enrichment within our culture. Holding, being checked, acting purposefully, performing, etc. are recognized values in our society; Letting go, dedication, expressing feelings freely. Honoring the body as a temple of the soul and considering our sexuality as a divine gift are values that bring us closer to the essence of tantra.

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