Tantra, spiritualiteit en seks (deel 1)

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Tantric love - While making love to a woman, you are actually making love to existence itself.

Sigmund Freud said somewhere that humans are born neurotic. That's only half true. Man is not born neurotic, he is born into neurotic humanity, and society sooner or later makes everyone neurotic. Man is born as a natural, real, normal being. But the moment the newborn child becomes part of society, neurosis begins its work.

We are neurotic, as we are now. And the neurosis consists of a split - a deep split. You are not one; you are two or even more. You have to understand that; only then can we delve further into tantra. Your feelings and your thoughts have become two different things, that is the basic neurosis. Your thinking part and your feeling part have become separated and you identify with the thinking part, not the feeling part. Yet feeling is much more real than thinking; feeling is more natural than thinking. You were born with a feeling heart, while thinking has been taught to you; it has been imparted to you by society. And you have learned to suppress your feelings. Even when you say you feel, you really just think you feel. Your feeling has died. And there are reasons for this, says Osho in Tantra, Spirituality and Sex.

As soon as a child is born, he is a sentient being; he feels everything, he is not yet a thinking being. It is natural, as natural as anything in nature - like a tree or an animal. But we train him, raise him. He has to learn to suppress his feelings because if he doesn't, he always gets into trouble. When he wants to cry, he is not allowed to do so because his parents do not approve. They judge him, they don't appreciate him, they don't give him love. He is not accepted as he is. He must be well behaved. He has to behave according to a certain ideology, according to certain ideals, only then will he get love.

They don't love him the way he is. He will only get love if he follows certain rules of conduct. Those rules are imposed on him, they are not natural. His natural nature is suppressed and the unnatural, the unreal is imposed on him. This unreal is your thinking and there comes a point when the gap becomes so wide that you cannot bridge it anymore. You completely forget what your true nature was - or is. Your face is a mask, you have lost your original face. And you are also afraid of your original feelings, because as soon as you feel them, the whole society turns against you. That is why you yourself are against your true nature.

Osho - Tantra, spirituality and sex

(To be continued)

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