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Neo-tantra is a tantra for people of our time and our culture, an adaptation to our western world. However, the original idea, the essence, has been preserved.

The ancient teachings of Tantra were combined by Osho about 40 years ago with modern forms of Western group work, self-awareness and therapy. Most Western Tantra schools trace back to him. He and his students have shaped what we understand today as tantra and call it neo-tantra. Margot Anand has made a significant contribution to popularizing tantra in today's Western world in the form of neo-tantra.

  • Conscious perception by feeling and noticing our environment, the people who surround us, the people who are close to us.
  • Conscious perception and acceptance of the Self, the body and intimate areas, the feelings, the emotions - as it is.
  • The activation of one's own energies (sources) through meditation on a spiritual level and yoga and body-oriented meditations.

Sexuality and body are recognized as a source of joy, ecstasy and happiness. The connection with yourself leads to growing self-knowledge and self-love. This promotes an intensification of the attitude to life, healing and enrichment of the sexual life and experience, emotional maturation and relationship, the ability to love and joie de vivre. It promotes the experience of one's own potential and the integration of these potential forces into daily life.

Unfortunately, today tantra is often equated with or reduced to sexual intercourse and sex, rather than a way of life (spiritual path to consciousness, transformation and healing).

Tantra is the way to union

… Of the feminine and masculine principles. The gods Shiva and Shakti reflect the two aspects of the divine masculine and the divine feminine. Everyone, male or female, has both parts in them. We long to unite both parts in order for the healing of the primal wounds to proceed perfectly. The union of feminine and masculine energy, of earth and cosmos, of man and divine, is based on the idea of the reunification of all energies as a whole.

The sexual Kundalini energy in tantra

... Is a very strong, powerful, activating and at the same time healing energy. It can cause many things, reveal things that have been suppressed and can now be solved and healed. It can touch and awaken other energies in us, charge us and make us strong. It can also help you to feel, perceive, learn and experience yourself. The sexual Kundalini energy can be generated through different rituals, through touch and massage, through meditations (for example Kundalini meditation), through yoga, through breathing exercises and through self-love rituals. In contemporary Western culture, knowledge of the transformative power and healing potential of our sexuality has been lost. By incorporating sexuality, sexual Kundalini energy, as the strongest energy we have, can Tantra help you come to yourself, discover your own spirituality, achieve a natural way to deal with your own intimacy and live a conscious and liberated sexuality.

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