Tantra massage touches body, heart and soul

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The tantra massage is developed from a desire for a fusion of body, mind and soul. It is a loving, honoring, relaxing, tender, meditative but also a stimulating, enjoyable and healing massage. It is free from shame and expectation. It puts you in a state of deep relaxation and helps you to let go. The tantra massage touches come from the heart, full of love and attention. Hands that don't want anything, hands that don't need anything.

The tantra massage is a complete body massage ...

… Where the whole body, including the genitals, is massaged.

In Western culture, the genitals often rest on a shameful taboo and are not recognized and honored in their full beauty and meaning. Accepting and acknowledging the body and especially the intimate area can help to release tension and get life energy moving again.

In the tantric massage the sexual life energy, which according to the tantric teaching is in the root chakra, i.e. in the pelvic area, is reconnected with your heart energy.

The special thing about a tantra massage

Besides the Taoist massage, the tantra massage is the only massage that touches the person as a whole. The body is considered to be a temple of the soul and all its parts and functions are honored. The intimate area, the so-called usual taboo zones for massages, are included in a tantra massage. That typifies the difference between a “regular” massage and a tantra massage.

A tantra massage brings you back in contact with your own body ...

… With your feelings and sensations. It offers you the opportunity to come into deeper contact with yourself and your own vitality. Experience your own body in all its wholeness, with all its intensity and the pleasure it can give you. The touches of the tantra massage can help heal or soothe old injuries - trauma - the tantra massage will get your life energy / kundalini energy flowing again. The life energy / kundalini energy is considered the strongest energy of man. This energy embodies the sexual life energy that flows through our entire body. Working with sexual life energy brings us into contact with deep emotional movements.

Especially emotions that come from the abdominal and pelvic areas often arouse fears in us. We sometimes find them threatening because they put us in touch with early childhood memories in which this area is mainly associated with guilt and shame. As we engage to allow the suppressed and separated impulses and feelings in the abdominal and pelvic area, our ability to experience our physical and emotional sensitivity regains. A deep intensity that flows through our entire body.

A tantric massage can trigger drastic changes. It leads to often unknown inner spaces of intense happiness and ecstasy, it arouses your love for life and makes you more receptive to all that life gives you.

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