Tantra and sexuality

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Sexuality, regardless of form or constellation, and sensuality are an essential aspect in Tantra. Sexuality does not mean the intimate contact of two people or their association. In tantra, dealing with sexuality is natural and informal. Sexual feelings and emotions can be experienced and experienced.

When we feel and notice our body, we can get to know, accept and love it as it is. This gives us better access to our own sexuality. The more senses are addressed, the more intense the perception and the holistic feeling.
Figuring out for yourself what is good for you, what touches are pleasant, what you like and what you want, what you need and also ask for are crucial for good and fulfilled sexuality.

Openness, honesty and authenticity are essential.

Tantra and self-love

Self-love in this way means (consciously) accepting and loving yourself, with everything there is and everything that defines you. It also means his desire to perceive, recognize, fulfill, and take responsibility for wants and needs. You recognize your limits in self-love, consciously say yes or no. So that you can go through life authentically, easily and carefree, look ahead, let go of the past, live consciously and enjoy life. The path there leads along the conscious perception and acceptance of the Self. By openly accepting and loving oneself.

It is not possible to love others without loving yourself.

How and when did the tantra massage start?

The tantra massage in its current form comes from the neo-tantra schools. It is originally based on the influences of the theologian and sexologist Dr. Joseph Kramer. He created a spiritual, energetic bodywork based on Tantric-Taoist principles and mainly focused on breathing and massage work. He developed the lingam-massage as an important part of his massage work in which the sexual Kundalin energy from the pelvis is conducted throughout the body through breathing and touch.
The Yoni massage was later developed in collaboration with sexologist Annie Sprinkle.

Wilhelm Reich, the founder of body therapy and Alexander Lowen, the founder of bioenergetics, have also influenced the development of tantra massage.

The tantra massage has been continuously developed since then, in which Margot Anand and Michaela Riedl have played a major role in recent years. The Tantra massage was further developed by combining different massage techniques with body work, bioenergetics and tantric elements.

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