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Silent retreat

Sit in silence for 3/7 days; we invite you to be in silence together ..

Water Lily

We are committed to the oldest form of meditation; sit in silence. This simple shape has an ancient tradition. We allow ourselves to sit, do nothing and just observe. We leave ourselves and the world for what they are, without intervening or acting.


Be a light unto yourself – be a light in this world

That sounds very simple, yet we often find ourselves silently confronted with the uncontrollability of life, the capriciousness and changeability of what unfolds. The mind raises questions and we can see how much we are entangled in our regular patterns and habits and the associated tensions.

We are supported and supported by the connecting and nourishing quality of the silence and we will discover that the retreat is a powerful process that allows us to distance ourselves from our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations. Our consciousness grows - we find a way to true freedom and are given the opportunity to re-center and relax in our original being.

If desired, interim interviews are available to support this process. It is a fundamental experience for anyone who is already on the path of meditation and wants to lead meditations.

During these days we follow a very simple structure. In between sittings, the body is given the opportunity to discharge and regulate through gentle, slow movements, which flow from an inner flow.

During this retreat we maintain the noble silence. We support each other in the practice and together we build the house of silence and deepening.

More information about dates, location and price will follow as soon as these details are known.

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