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The diamond in the lotus

Sacred Yoni healing

Een helende reis naar de vrouwelijke bron van sensualiteit en liefde. Een verdiepende yoni healing / bekken release is een helende holistische massage waarbij het gehele lichaam inclusief de yoni wordt gemasseerd en geheeld.

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For Samaya Sisters

Deze verdiepende yoni healing / bekken release helpt je meer vertrouwd te raken met je eigen vrouwelijke sensualiteit en seksualiteit. Hierdoor verkrijg je meer inzicht in waar je behoeftes en verlangens omtrent je vrouwelijkheid liggen. Zo word je meer bewust van hetgeen je nodig hebt, waardoor je je wensen intensiever en beter kunt communiceren. Deze yoni healing / bekken release schenkt je meer zelfbewustzijn waarin je de ruimte krijgt om je eigen vrouwelijke seksualiteit te ontdekken en deze uit te drukken. Zodat je vrouwelijke seksualiteit en essentie geheeld mag worden en als vreugdevol wordt ervaren.

Yoni massage
“Woman is the price of excitence”
Barry long

In a guaranteed, respectful and safe atmosphere, where what you need is the starting point, you can let yourself be nourished, relaxed, come home to yourself in peace.

After a authentic tantra massage in which I lovingly cherish and cherish your body, I accompany you with respectful devotion on a journey to your feminine sexuality, your yoni.

My concern is that you are allowed to discover your sexuality in an accepting way, without expectations and pressure to live up to something or to comply with anything. So that healing may take place and your sexual life energy can flow freely again.

Creating space as a good basis in which I invite you to let go of old baggage and heal. You may open yourself again to a previously unknown feeling of wholeness. Rediscovering the beauty, intensity and love of your feminine sexuality, which can create trust and healing.

After the session you have enough time for an afterglow to nurture and integrate this intense experience.

Deze specifieke yoni healing / bekken release is alleen te ontvangen in combinatie met de authentic tantra massage.

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”

Anaïs Nin

Possible benefits of a yoni healing

  • Releasing energetic blockages, tensions, stored emotions and traumas in and around the pelvic area and yoni
  • Liberation from ancestral and collective traumas of both the female and male lines
  • Processing unpleasant and/or negative sexual experiences
  • Relief of lower back pain, cramps and numbness in and around the pelvis and yoni
  • Makes tissue that has hardened and stuck soft, flexible and lively again
  • Provides support and healing after a traumatic birth
  • Can help with menopausal symptoms and reduced libido
  • A yoni healing contributes to a healthy, soft, sensitive 'juicy yoni'. More feeling so that you experience more pleasure and pleasure during sex. You experience more vitality, your sexual life energy starts to flow again and more
  • There is more embodiment and grounding, you can better recognize and indicate your limits
  • Get back in touch with your true feminine essence
  • Meer draagkracht en vertrouwen
“With so much respect and depth I have never been touched. Not only my body, but my whole being feels one and awakened. ”


Trained by Michaela Riedl and Susanne Roursgaard. During my session I always work with the Wheel of Consent.


  • Yoni healing / bekken release € 280

    Verdiepende yoni healing / bekken release , including telephone intake - 2.5 / 3 hours.

Any extension of a treatment is always possible / negotiable.

* We have a shower available.
* Showering is included in the price.
* All prices are including VAT.

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