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The diamond in the lotus

Deepening Sacred Point massage

This deepening massage/healing of the entire pelvic floor is the source of deep pleasure and sexual sensations. The relaxation that occurs during an extensive and loving pelvic floor or prostate massage/healing brings you into contact with yourself, it opens your heart and connects you with yourself and the world. In this way, deep sexual feelings can be experienced and any blockages can be healed.

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We are often surprised by how much pleasure we can feel during a pelvic floor or prostate massage/healing. You experience a strong urge for this special depth, where you can completely surrender to this intense experience.

Healing and tangibility

A pelvic floor or prostate massage/healing has a direct influence on the nature of every person. On the physical level we cannot go any deeper. We would do well to view pelvic floor massage/healing as opening and entering the sacred temple of every person. Opening is a slow and respectful process. You will feel unconditionally accepted as a human being.

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Acceptance and desire

No other part of our body is so burdened with prejudices. Many people never allow this area to be touched, because it almost naturally leads to feelings of horror, taboo, shame and uncleanness.

This social morality means that we tighten this area in our body. It hardens our life energy flow, so that our Kundalini energy cannot flow enough.

If you learn step by step to accept the pelvic floor area again, you will feel and understand that this area is an important part of our desire and the pelvic floor muscles can relax again. This allows you to awaken sexual life energy and you can experience more pleasure and wholeness. It therefore makes sense to take this area out of the dark shadow of oppression and learn to accept it again.

Thanks to my extensive experience, I can guide you carefully, respectfully and professionally during this trip.

This specific pelvic floor or prostate massage/healing is only to be received in combination with the authentic tantra massage plus the lingam massage/healing.


  • Sacred Point massage € 275

    Deepening massage / healing - 2 hours - in combination with the authentic tantra massage and the lingam massage (2.5 hours €325)

Any extension of a treatment is always possible / negotiable.

(Extension per half hour: €60)

* We have a shower available.
* Showering is included in the price.
* All prices are including VAT.

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