Lotus achtergrond
The diamond in the lotus

Kashmir Tantra massage

“A journey to healing is a journey that someone undertakes himself, without the giver's purpose or intention. By letting everything be as it is, you give the person back to themselves.”

Water Lily

Called Yoga of the Touch

This Authentic Cashmere Tantra massage invites you into a devoted, loving embrace in which you can be carried, cradled, nurtured and nourished. Let go of everything and relax. From this space of security, trust, acceptance and deep relaxation, there may be surrender. Giving space to what is to be touched and seen, healing, liberation and wholeness may arise.

Flowing, deepened breathing, slow, soft touches / movements contribute to a deep relaxation from which an intuitive dance, an intense experience of fluidity and connectedness… a meditative “flow” can arise.

Carried by love. So close to yourself… so close to the other.

Kashmirische massage

What is a Kashmir Tantra massage?

This is a holistic flo massage from ancient Kashmir for healing and transformation in which you can relax and let go. This is a beautiful, loving and sensual massage for the entire body based on Ayurvedic principles. The Kashmiri tantra massage is given on a massage futon, and mainly in my lap. If you have no experience receiving a tantric massage, this is a great way to start.

The effect of this Kashmir Tantra massage is that you experience the body like a baby, with a kind of comprehensive, undifferentiated totality. The Kashmiric massage is not aimed at achieving sexual stimulation or a discharge, but rather at deep relaxation, healing and a blissful experience of the body's own life energy that is centered in the body meridian.

Safe atmosphere with respect and confidence

Obviously I create a safe atmosphere in which respect, trust and acceptance go hand in hand. Here you know your security and you can relax. You can embrace yourself from trust and surrender to what is. There is always enough time and space for extra integration by being in silence, or if desired in the form of a sharing / discussion.

Extending your experience

You can receive the Kashmir Tantra massage separately or combine it with a Tandava meditatie beforehand.


  • Kashmir Tantra massage € 200

    2 hour

Any extension of a treatment is always possible / negotiable.

* We have a shower available.
* Showering is included in the price.
* All prices are including VAT.

“Tantra is primarily about uniting love,
spirituality and sexuality with awareness.”


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