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Before receiving the Kashmir tantra massage and the authentic tantra massage, we ask you to read the “Questions and answers” below in advance.

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What is an authentic tantra massage?

Answer: An authentic tantra massage helps you to reconnect with the healing regulating power of your life energy, also called sexual energy.
During this massage session we activate this powerful healing energy. Without directing it or working towards it, so that this nourishing energy heals and activates the entire body.

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The loving nurturing and unintentional touch gives an experience of intense connectedness, deep intimacy and wholeness, all that stimulates the self-regulating ability of the great intelligence - called our body.

Are you naked during the session?

Answer: We see nudity as something natural and not as being imposed. It is more important to us that you feel safe and secure, so that relaxation can occur.
This authentic tantra massage invites you to be naked, but does not serve an erotic purpose in itself for any stimulation and / or sexual acts.

What is the difference between an authentic tantra massage and an erotic massage?

Answer: An erotic massage has sexual acts and is usually purposeful. An erotic massage is based on reaching a state of excitement towards a climax, a so-called climax or happy ending.

During an authentic tantra massage, on the other hand, the touch is intentionless and therefore not aimed at a discharge. We release the life energy so that it can flow in its natural spontaneity. In which the body is experienced as one orgasmic whole. An experience of liberation, ecstasy, healing and surrender. Surrender helps the recipient to live his own experience as an inner journey.

It's about the energetic connection, not the erotic.

What else you need to know

  • Arrive on time on the agreed date, but not much earlier.
  • Of course you can shower before and after the massage. Fresh towels are available.
  • You should be aware that such intense touches as with a tantra massage can often release unexpected things into your consciousness.
  • Maybe you can set it up so that you have time for yourself after the massage and don't have to rush to the next appointment.
  • You are also welcome with physical limitations, the practice is located on the ground floor.
  • Mutual touches, lovemaking, oral sex and intercourse are not offered by me and go against my conception of what tantra is.

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Are you curious and want to book a session or want more information? I can be reached by phone - daily from 9:00 am - on number 06-43676693.