I was seventeen years old, curious and adventurous as you can be at that age. In search of adventure and depth, it was time to break through the boundaries of my existence, spread my wings, explore the world, discover the full life. One thing was clear. I wanted to travel. But where to? The choice was unlimited, the field of possibilities and temptations endless. Was it coincidence or intuition?

Anyway, I followed my heart and chose Asia, and more especially India, the country where so much ancient wisdom and deep insight has been found. There I spent years wandering around with fellow travelers from very different backgrounds and visiting numerous ashrams: living and learning schools where wise teachers, gurujis, have taught me and let me experience what tantra really is: surrender to life itself in all its colors and shapes, the ability to embrace and enclose what life brings us with joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, comfort and resistance. And this from a deep realization that all this is connected; the insight that one cannot exist without the other, light not without darkness, male not without female. Life is a unity, separation is only an illusion.

Sensual woman

After years of teaching meditation and tantric rituals, one of my gurujis gave me the name Samaya during an initiation. This name has since become the guiding principle of my life. Samaya means, "I am in love with you with everything there is."

Nourished with the knowledge and wisdom thus acquired, I have for years been part of several other communes around the world, where I have associated myself with all possible different cultures and nationalities. In those years I have been able to experience life in its full breadth in its various manifestations and also learned to accept with pain and effort, surrender to life itself as my gurujis had taught me.

Grateful for what I have learned and lived through, I can, from the soft strength of my being and from love and passion, convey nothing but what has given me so much. Supported by guiding the treasury of my experiences those who seek connection and wholeness. These experiences have become my silent counselors. They give me the strength and confidence that enable me to reach out to the other. Enter the circle of giving and receiving in loving presence. Remove the dust from the mirror, walk the way of the heart and remember who you really are. To experience that you are perfect the way you are NOW.

Everything you are looking for is you.

What is tantra to me?

For me, Tantra is living from unity; knowing deeply that one cannot go without the other. Because light does not go without darkness, masculine not without the feminine. (non-duality).

Living from an open heart is essential to me. The heart that does not judge, that wants to connect, give, cherish and love. The heart has a deep knowledge of the connection between heaven and earth, between male and female; everything comes together in this. The awareness that everything is connected, everything is one.

Knowledge and skills

  • A disciple of Tantric Master Osho
  • Meditation teacher / supervisor of various meditations / meditation processes (including the 8-week mindfulness training and enlightenment intensive)
  • Trainer in different shapes and ways in the tantra
  • Classical Tantra: Tantric Kriya Yoga according to Paramahansa Yogananda and also the Cosmic Cobra Breath
  • Neo tantra: as taught by Osho and Margot Anand
  • Ayurvedic therapist / Ayurvedic massage therapist / Ayurvedic nutritionist
  • Somatic Experiencing (SE); 3-year Power of Light training, Diamond Logos Teacher training
  • Daniel Odier; Yoga of the touch
  • House of Tantra; Cashmere massage according to the Vedic tradition
  • Wild Tantra Retreat, Lage Vuursche
  • 3-year trainging Body-oriented psychotherapy at Vedatna Aspioti