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Ethical code

When undergoing the various massage healings, we apply the ethical code below.

Water Lily


I acknowledge the influence and power within a tantra and coaching relationship with a client. I commit to not exploiting this influence and power. I maintain professionalism and presence and discuss both my and the client's boundaries before and during the session. I expect the client to be sober to engage in the session fully.


I respect, inquire about, and acknowledge the client’s boundaries. I do not engage in any sexual or romantic relationship with a client during or after the session.


Clients under the age of 18 are not accepted for sessions.


I respect the confidentiality of information shared during sessions. I will not disclose any client's personal information to a third party without explicit written permission. Any notes taken during sessions are for professional development purposes only.


I ask for the client's permission before any physical touch and honor their boundaries. Touch remains one-way from me to the client. Quality oils are used during sessions, and if internal or external dearmouring is involved, medical gloves are used.


I maintain a professional appearance and do not undress during sessions. Clients can choose whether to keep their underwear on during tantra sessions. Consent is paramount throughout the session.

This is not a medical treatment

I clarify that sessions are not medical treatments. When it comes to trauma-related interventions, you are requested to complete a questionnaire truthfully beforehand. This makes it possible to obtain a clear picture of which coordinated interventions can be helpful. Any medication being taken must be disclosed prior to the session.

No Recordings

Recording equipment, including phones, cameras, and audio recorders, are not permitted during sessions.

Respect and Non-discrimination

I uphold a respectful and non-discriminatory environment, welcoming individuals of all genders, sexual orientations, races, and backgrounds.

Client Empowerment

I empower clients to express their needs and preferences throughout the session. Any discomfort or dissatisfaction should be communicated openly and will be addressed with respect and understanding.

Feedback and Improvement

I welcome feedback from clients to continually improve the quality of service provided.

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