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Read here some reactions from people who have experienced a massage, healing session or meditation at Samaya. Do you have something nice to share, email or text me your experience!

Water Lily
Tantra does not teach you sexuality. It just says that sex can be a source of bliss.

The journey.

I write travel with a capital letter. That's how I experience it, it's a very nice journey.

After reading about tantra I wanted to get to know it. I wanted to look for more feeling in my body and that's how I ended up with Samaya.

The first appointment was quite exciting. Where will you end up, how does it work and what can you expect? Already during the welcome meeting I felt 200% at ease and I felt that it was right. Here was a lovely woman who could help me with the journey. A woman with feeling and love.

After the welcome meeting, I undressed and Samaya started a breathing exercise to relax and release all tension from the body. Then she started to massage me very gently and she introduced my skin and body to her hands and her body. In addition, she ensures that you stay relaxed and learn to feel.

The feeling what her touch and her massage does to your skin, your body and your inner energy is fantastic. Your entire skin is touched, and all the energy you have in your body is used. The beautiful energy that this generates cannot actually be described in words.

I have been coming to Samaya for a few years now and keep making steps. I am very happy that I ever stepped into Samaya and that she took the journey with me.

Thanks Samaya, and see you soon!


Thank you very much for making me feel heard. Thank you for all the guidance.
Thank you for the awakening session.

W. (from Qatar)

Dear Samaya,

What a special experience to be with you, to relax completely and to experience your loving, tender and also intense touch. Very nice to be touched like that, to feel the energy flowing through my entire body and to feel a deep connection with you.

Thank you for this special and beautiful experience. I hope to see you again soon for the next session,


Hi Samaya,

It was a special experience, beautiful, tender, loving and intense. Thanks for that. I would like to come for a follow-up session soon!



“Fantastic massage, really great experience. Helped me to get close to my true nature and see the beautiful creation that I am. Helped me see the beauty in others. Helped me to see the love that creates all that exists. ”


Dear Samaya,

What a nice and special person you are. I am so glad I met you. For me it was a very nice experience. I will never forget and think back to your words very often. FINALLY a LOVING happy tantra experience. I learned a lot and will definitely come again. I wish you all the best,

Lots of love,

A. from Rotterdam

Dear Samaya,

I received a lot of tantra/sacred point massages before I came to you. Yours was by far the most intense and genuine and surprising experience I ever had. It was really amazing. I felt such a deep energetic connection. Really awesome.

Thank you for this beautiful and special experience.

Alexandre from Parijs

Hoi Samaya,

I would like to sincerely thank you for all those beautiful, intense moments that I have been able to experience with and through you. It is really so special what you release in me again and again, your loving touches let my life energy flow again like never before! There are few people with whom I feel as comfortable and can be myself with as I am with you. You mean a lot to me, I like you and hope to meet you many more times on the mat.

A sweet greeting for a woman after my heart,

Peter H.

"Thank you again for an enchanting afternoon. I am glad we met again and look forward to next time."

Je t’embrasse,


Thank you Samaya for your love. You are so very sweet and beautiful. How nice to be so intensely connected with you and to feel and experience your love and energy in this deep way. In my mind I experience you again! This feeling is "addictive" and I long for more. (More in the form of recognition and deepening.) To always feel this intense love and energy and to carry yourself in my heart. ”



Dear Samaya,

Now that I have been a widower for several years, I feel an increasing need to be touched again in a loving and attentive way. This desire is much stronger than a purely sexual desire. But how to deal with this? I read your ad about tantra massage with care and attention. Would that be a solution? I studied her tantra massage even more and read people's experiences. Also that of a widower who was very positive about this. So I took a bold step and made an appointment with Samaya.

I experienced something wonderful and unforgettable with her. It already started with a nice and beautiful introduction. I felt relaxed, safe and familiar with her. She started with a particularly delicate and beautiful introductory ritual. Then the calm, very loving attention to the person I am. She made me FEEL this in a very intense way, through a beautiful very sensual general body massage. It is incredible that this is possible at such a deep level! I experienced it as an extraordinary, very special and profound event. To be an enrichment of my total human being. The discovery of a new reality. Afterwards I stirred up an extra load of (life) energy and I discovered that I also had more compassion. (Of the love I have received, which I want to pass on to others.)

Dear Samaya, where is the “primal source of life” where you get the love, energy and inspiration to do this? I also want to experience that source more!

Thank you very much for this unforgettable event and see you soon.

Herman G.

Hello Samaya,

Just wanted to ask how you’re doing and to let you know that I feel so much better after the session. I am so relaxed doing my daily duties. It’s like I see the World much brighter and the obstacles much smaller than they were before. Live is so much better like this! Thank you so much. Will see you again in the future. Stay safe, and all the best for you.

D. from Sweden

And once you know that happiness, you can move on from a foundation of reality.

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