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Read here some reactions from people who have experienced a massage, healing session or meditation at Samaya. Do you have something nice to share, email or text me your experience!

Water Lily
Tantra does not teach you sexuality. It just says that sex can be a source of bliss.

I received a very special tantra massage at Samaya. Her loving approach and attention she has for you gives you a safe and relaxed feeling. Samaya completely adapts to what you need. I felt much more embodied and in my body also in my pelvis. Something I've never experienced before in any other way. A beautiful healing has also taken place. I really recommend Samaya to experience deeper layers within yourself tomorrow as a woman.


Dear Samaya,

A few days after your loving guidance on my self-discovery journey, I am still full of it. And empty at the same time, strangely enough. I feel like I can shed all sorts of shells, layers of varnish when I'm with you. That feels very special.

Of course it's a road I choose to walk myself, but thanks to you I feel like I'm really making progress. The safe environment you create where I learn to expose myself, the crazy energy you manage to unleash in me - it's truly a turning-point experience that I want to hold on to and build on.

The sacred point massage was an incredible experience. Guilt, shame, fear of the unknown... all taken away and replaced by a beautiful experience that you allowed me to sink into completely. It's really special how you feel exactly what I need - that's really special! (or I'm not unique, that's also possible of course...)

After the massage you told me that this experience will open new paths for me. I've thought about that a lot. I think I understand that if I shake off the guilt and shame it frees me, but I need to think a little deeper about which paths I will have to / can walk. My journey is clearly not over yet ;-)

I didn't want to let you hear something too soon, but also not too late. I have this week off, so a good moment for contemplation. And just by e-mail because, I think, you're busy enough this week.

Thank you very much for taking my hand on the road I'm going.



Dear Samaya,

When I came to you I immediately felt grounded; you removed all barriers between me and the earth. At the start of the massage you took me in a heartwarming embrace, which released a lot of emotions in me. I sank very low. During the massage I became detached from myself, from old emotions, but also completely detached from who I have to be every day. So beautiful to discover that you are just in that moment, apart from everything you need to be – with you it's all about me.

It was a revelation to walk the journey with you. Your cues on when to breathe, to tense, to move—it was a workout I wondered if I'd make it to the end. It worked and after a few weeks I want more. It's like discovering a chapter of my 50-year-old body's manual that I had never read before. And now I just want more.

Thank you!


Samaya, last week's session was so intense! I felt an incredible burst of energy after you invited me to stand. With every session you unlock more fun, unbelievable! I have thought a lot and can articulate a few more thoughts:

During the sessions I often feel like I'm having a continuous internal orgasm. I now realize that an orgasm is much more than that! Every part of the session is so special - entering the room with you in front of me, the touch of your hands, the continuous internal orgasms, the floating feeling afterwards. The energy continues, I feel it in me all the time now. It's a warm feeling deep inside. I really feel like a sensual being. Before that, sex was something I did. Now, it's part of who I am. I feel very spiritual now. I never had that before. Your sessions unlocked this for me.

With gratitude,



With a new session coming up, I've been thinking about a word for our previous session. This time the word is INTIMATE. Of course these sessions are always very intimate, but this time I really felt it. Sitting across from each other and just holding hands and looking at each other while that warm sensual energy was still pulsating through my body and between us – amazing, intimate feeling. As I type this message, I can still feel that energy within me, and I can imagine your beautiful presence before me.

Lots of love,



It's been a day since I felt your loving hands on me, and I'm still floating! I can still feel your energy in me, mixed with mine. I don't think I've ever felt so relaxed. I am so looking forward to our next meeting!



Samaya, today I could finally begin to put into words what our sessions feel like. Thought I would share them in this note.

Our sessions together are the most intense sensual experiences I've ever had. Each is more intense than the last! It's like I've discovered a whole new plane of existence, a different world where I can truly experience myself. When I am with you, I feel an incredible rush of sexual life energy flowing within me and between us. My body is indeed becoming an orgasmic whole. I had no idea such feelings even existed. The feel of your hands and body on mine as you tenderly and lovingly introduce me to these tantric delights is like nothing else. You were a great guide on this journey and I look forward to discovering even more of myself with you!



Dear Samaya,

I am so happy and grateful that I got to know you this year. The sessions with you mean a lot to me, and that resonates in my home situation.

The love, attention and warmth I receive from you is fantastic.

The world is much more beautiful with you!!



I had an authentic tantra massage with yoni massage done at Samaya. Pretty exciting, never done anything like this before. And extra exciting because I had her data from the internet. Because of the convincing references, I booked the massage after a telephone conversation with her. It just felt right.

And that turned out to be right: upon entering I met Samaya, a very warm welcome. She has a way of being that made me feel safe. Her attention is fully focused on letting the energy flow in me, with all the space for my limits: such a treat! She approached the yoni massage very carefully: by letting me feel good in the moment if I (my yoni) wanted it.

It was quite confrontational, really came to the fore – especially in the period after that. We then called again about it and she helped me on my way, so the aftercare is also very good. I now feel a deeper contact with myself and respect the boundaries of my yoni better. Samaya, I would like to come to you more often for a treatment and I highly recommend you!!

Thank you!!


Thank you very much for the valuable afternoon today. I thought it was very special to feel safe with you and to experience the massage. And really liked how you listened to me and really tried to see me in what I went through (trauma). And the peace you took with me to relax and trust you.

Thank you for the first good pleasant experience with touch! After a lot of negative, this means a lot to me. I'm really touched. And thank you for giving me some extra time. Are you very grateful and think you are a very valuable person. I remember the words surrender and thankful!



Dear Samaya, what a wonderful experience you have given me!

Started something beautiful with an unknown destination. Would like to continue that journey.



My Yoni healing session with Samaya was a revelatory experience. I didn't know what to expect, it really felt very special and new.

I felt touched on all levels of my being; mentally, physically, sexually and spiritually.

Many thanks and a deep bow for your loving devotion.



And once you know that happiness, you can move on from a foundation of reality.

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