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Somatic Experiencing®

Go into depth with me by means of accompanying conversations, possible inquiry techniques and / or meditations. You can gain more insight and clarification about what prevents / restricts you from being free.

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How does Somatic Experiencing work®

Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is a powerful tool for the prevention and healing of trauma. Trauma healing is a natural process that can be initiated by an inner awareness of the body.


The tiger wakes up

Years of psychotherapeutic treatments, repeated reactivation of memories or erasing them from the unconscious are all unnecessary. By using our own resources, by grounding and becoming aware of bodily sensations, feelings, thoughts or images, we get rid of the trauma.

Somatic Experiencing® specifically focuses on the safe release of this accumulated energy in the body. In this way post-traumatic disorders are overcome and the life energies bound in trauma are liberated. This allows the own life force to be experienced again. Your own life gains confidence, lightness and stability. Inner safety is regained. Access to one's own resources is becoming possible again and gaining a foothold.

Experience self-regulation

SE helps to develop the organically required capacity for self-regulation. The sensation of bodily sensations is used to help people face and heal their traumatic experiences. This leads to a so-called "renegotiation" of the experience, without the need for catharsis. A re-traumatization through repetition of the experience is prevented.

Even when symptoms of trauma present themselves, the client does not have to remind himself of the content of the trauma to work with this method.


  • Somatic Experiencing® € 100

    Healing session +/- 1 to 1½ hours

* All prices are including VAT.

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