Lotus achtergrond
The diamond in the lotus

Session with Vedanta Aspioti

Get in touch with your source.

Water Lily

In this one-hour session, we come into contact with the Source through channeling.

In the transparency that channeling offers, we can view our problems clearly; we can trace their origins, how they affect us today and heal old wounds. More than that, through objective intuition we can come into contact with our soul and its real movement. By doing this, we align with our Soul mission and Soul station, the original nature of our true individuality.

This session can help us discover how our development can take place and gives us the tools to realize our true potential. We receive a powerful transmission of our own Being and its wonderful ways.

Vedanta offers sessions on the Inner Child, Essential Development, as well as open sessions, coaching and sessions for couples.


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Are you curious and want to book a session or want more information? I can be reached daily from 9:00 am via WhatsApp nr. +31 6 8561 6197 and by phone nr. +31 6 4367 6693.