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Tantra massage meeting in Amsterdam at Samaya

In this low-contact world and hectic time, it is often difficult to find relaxation, inner peace and personal balance. A hand that touches you lovingly, gives you confidence and provides support has become more important than ever. The intention of my treatments is to be present with my heart and hands.

From an atmospheric ambiance, in a beneficence of silence and serenity, I take you on a journey of consciousness, intimacy and connection in which you can experience the healing, infinite flow of life energy. During this authentic tantra rituals I invite you with loving dedication and pure intention to meet your own essential self by discovering and experiencing your own life energy and sensuality.

Individual tantra massages

Surrender from one open heart

During the tantra massage sessions we meet in wholeness and in our true core. I invite you from an open heart to surrender to the intuitive dance that will arise under my nurturing, honoring hands and tender touches.

Lotus achtergrond

Healing touch and transformation

In a loving, tender embrace you can feel safe and secure; let you get hit and hit. During these tantra massage sessions, your entire body is lovingly and proportionately cherished, opening yourself more to the experience of connection and trust and everything that presents itself.

Lotus achtergrond

Deep relaxation
en extase

From an inner "YES" for everything that presents itself, there is a feeling of space and an experience of liberation. In an environment in which you can enjoy casual and intense feelings of ecstasy and moments of deep relaxation, peace and wholeness. You are welcome with everything you are and with what you take with you. With me you can be yourself unconditionally. A true coming home within yourself.

Lotus achtergrond

Respect, trust and acceptance

It goes without saying that during tantra massage, cashmere massage or meditation I create a safe atmosphere in which respect, trust and acceptance go hand in hand. In this you know your security, you can relax and you can hug yourself with confidence and surrender to what is.

Lotus achtergrond


"Amazing experience! Samaya is a beautiful wise woman with deep wisdom. You will never forget a tantra session with her, she brings you back to your innermost self. …”


“Samaya guided me through my healing session in a very profound and respectful way. Waves of energy went through my whole body. …”


“Kundalini Energy Transmission with Samaya. It was a beautiful event for me; I went into a very deep relaxation and supported by the caring presence of Samaya…”


“Today I received a real tantric massage from Samaya. Experienced as a beautiful intense journey felt waves of energy throughout my body. …”


“I had an incredible, unique experience with Samaya. I felt deep emotions that I didn't even understand where they came from. …”


“My first experience with Samaya felt like a bath full of loving connection, softness, firmness, strength and safety. …”


“I received a very special tantra massage at Samaya. Her loving approach and attention she has for you gives you a safe and relaxed feeling. …”


“A few days after your loving guidance on my self-discovery journey, I am still full of it. And empty at the same time, crazy…”


“When I came to you I immediately felt grounded; you removed all barriers between me and the earth. At the start of the massage you took me in a heartwarming…”


“Samaya, last week's session was so intense! I felt an incredible burst of energy after you invited me to stand. With each session…”


“With a new session coming up I have been thinking about a word for our previous session. This time the word is INTIMATE. Of course these…”


“It's been a day since I felt your loving hands on me, and I'm still floating! I can still feel your energy in me…”


“Samaya, today I could finally begin to put into words what our sessions feel like. Thought I would share them in this note. Our sessions together are the most intense sensual experiences…”


Dear Samaya, I am so happy and grateful that I got to know you this year. The sessions with you mean a lot to me, and that resonates in my home situation.


“I had an authentic tantra massage with yoni massage done at Samaya. Pretty exciting, never done anything like this before. And extra exciting because…”


"Thank you very much for the valuable afternoon today. I thought it was very special to feel safe with you and to experience the massage. And really liked how you listened to me and really tried to see me in what I went through ..."


"Dear Samaya, what a wonderful experience you have given me! Started something beautiful with an unknown destination ..."


"My Yoni healing session with Samaya was a revelatory experience. I didn't know what to expect, it really felt very special and new. I felt touched on all levels ..."


Hello Samaya, i just want to give a sign of life after our session on Sunday. I am touched by the passion with which you do your 'work', the loving respect


"Thank you very much for the nice massage. It was special in every way. At the end I was totally relaxed and felt a deep peace and satisfaction. Never experienced anything so nice. "I can safely say that". It was also nice to talk ..."